Most clients come to us looking to improve the results of their website. Typically we recommend a check of the website’s vital statistics which allows our clients to make informed decisions based on current customer behavior. Getting the vitals usually includes:

  • Develop baseline traffic and trends
  • Breakdown the traffic into major conduits (Search engines, referrals, bookmarks, banners, etc.)
  • Evaluate conversion rate for each conduit
  • Identify most/least popular content
  • Determine search engine ranking
  • Executive summary focused on analysis and actionable items
  • Outline next steps

We develop the vitals report by analyzing the already existing log data, if available. In instances when access to these files is limited or unavailable, we will employ a real-time reporting system to gather the data.

The vitals report helps identify opportunities for modifying the observed customer behavior to meet our client’s goals. The report will also highlight areas where additional tracking and analysis are warranted such as:

  • Geographic/demographic analysis of visitors
  • Determine potential referral sites
  • Search engine optimization
  • Detailed breakdown of conversion rate
  • Usability testing
  • Advise configuring website to maximize data collection
  • Track website performance

Our analysis will create a detailed understanding of how customers are locating and using your website. It allows you to make informed decisions on small quick changes as well as larger site overhauls. Some clients prefer to make the small changes themselves and utilize our services to help measure how the site is improving over time. Other clients utilize our knowledge and online experience to have us redesign their sites taking into account all the knowledge we gained in the earlier steps.

Favorable customer responses to an evolving website provide an unmistakable path to improving their results. Concrete measurements allow for efficient rapid development and eliminate the need for guesswork. We increase our clients’ ability to succeed.


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