CDS Associates offers services for improving the business results of your website. These services are grouped into four main categories and packaged together in custom configurations:

I. Analysis of visitor traffic

  • Develop baseline traffic and trends
  • Breakdown the traffic from
  • major conduits such as search engines, referrals, and banners.
  • Geographic/demographic analysis of visitors
  • Advise configuring website to extend customer analysis
  • Determine/monitor search engine ranking
  • Archive log data files
II. Increase visitor traffic

  • Determine potential referral sites
  • Tracking response to banner/e-mail campaigns
  • Search engine optimization
III. Analysis of conversion
  • Identify most/least popular content
  • Determine missed valuable content
  • Detailed breakdown of conversion rate by each conduit
  • Develop ROI by each conduit
  • Identify most popular tools on your site
  • Analyze customer behavior on key pages
  • Evaluate visitor lifecycle (first time visitor to customer)
  • Analysis of customer paths
  • Usability testing
  • Expert review
  • Live web reporting
IV. Increase conversion
  • Implement improvements to your website
  • Develop information design
  • Create graphic design
  • Full redesign of your website


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